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At O we are keen on verse, in other words, poetry. There is more to poetry than simply rhyme or metre or the many literary devices pupils are intimidated by. What is verse? Well, not so much what is verse, but what can Verse affect? What has it influenced? How has it, if it has. How has its deprivation affected humanity? What is the origin of verse? And numerous such examinations. Whereby, we, at O, aim to bridge the rather stark divide between the Art and Science worlds. It is in O's purview to design and engage in a wide range of innovative pursuits sparking creativity and imagination in children and adults across cultures and communities to bring about policy changes on specific matters, in order to achieve ONENESS in art and science disciplines

The ‘O’ factor — Our muse letter O’s universality and versatility are highly alluring and like poetry O, too, is multidimensional, for it not only holds the sound O, the numeral O and the shape O within it but also its implications in each of the three forms are furthermore diverse and quite in correlation. The aural O, the mathematical O and the shape O converge in verse where Art and Science complement each other and fuse to become a single entity.


Now, however, arguably, of course, the absence or the neglect or rather the mistreatment, mishandling, misuse and abuse of art subjects amid us, NOT EXCLUDING academia, as well as in our day-to-day life calls for a redressal, which is why it is imperative that we begin with Verse, now, and right now! And expand.

O holds periodic and aperiodic poetry and play reading events online as well as onsite for all age groups. O also conducts orientation programmes in schools, colleges, universities, to familiarise those unacquainted with the virtues, joys and delights of poetry, aside of course from the numerous empirical findings demonstrating the benefits of poetry on the brain for children in early cognitive development, in improving mental health in both children and adults, in boosting emotional response in children and adults.

At O we aim to promote creative sectors especially with a focus on poetry, addressing areas where there are barriers to growth such as gaps in art-science disciplines, regions, communities and age groups with deficiency of exposure to verse and theatre, skills, access to finance, regulation and infrastructure.​

O and O's projects are funded by contributions, donations and goodwill support by partners.

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Mike, Liaison Officer

Mike, Liaison Officer

Mike’s interest in the literary arts is newly found, but one that is sustained. He is impatient for the world to recognise O’s cause and catch up.

AJ, Tech Head

AJ Singh, Tech Head

A consultant in 'ethical website design', he is a digital media specialist, growth hacker and a passionate supporter of creative arts.

Errol, Creative Content Producer

Errol, Creative Content Producer

A full time actor and an acting coach. His deep passion for theatre and poetry made him leave behind the maritime career that he had once embraced. 

Vishnu, Head Graphic Designer

Vishnu, Head Graphic Designer

His art communicates sharply, precisely and yet diversely. His visual thinking is guided by his keen sense of observation.

Megha, Financial Officer

Megha, Financial Officer

A Chartered Accountant with a fostered interest in education she oversees finances (and more) for us.

Our Trustees


Lakshmi is a Shakespeare scholar, writer and theatre director.

Communication Coach & Trainer, ICF Certified Executive & Life (Coming Out) Coach, Podcaster, Anchor & EMCEE, Certified International Trainer and Coach, D&I Advocate: a long list of profiles Shivraj juggles, effortlessly. While this is common knowledge, this list is not it. There’s more to his repertoire.

Pooran Chandra Pandey advises governments, private sector and UN agencies in Asia, Africa and Europe on sustainability, climate diplomacy and development cooperation. Founding CEO of a Berlin-based international think tank and contributor to international encyclopaedia by Springer Nature. Pandey serves as a member of the board of trustees, World Food Programme Trust for India, among others. He is also a British Chevening Scholar.

Alan is a designer and sustainability is key to his designs, “not merely a tag” as he puts it. His team won British Fashions council’s Best Design Country Award in 2017 among the 29 participating countries. Alan is committed to showcasing the work of local designers as well as integrate the knowledge of the indigenous people of India into his work.

Venkitesh is a writer and journalist. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The AIDEM. He was an Associate Editor with Frontline (The Hindu group of publications) for twenty years. Venkitesh has abiding interest in Indian classical music, dance, theatre, poetry, cinema and all things art. He promotes and supports artists, art organisations and activities. He consistently advocates with policy makers and governments to evolve policies benefiting artists and art communities.

Ragini is a Bhakti singer. She sings Sufi Gurbani and Bhajan. She is a Ganda-bandh Shagird of Pandit Bhajan Sopori. Ragini has performed before national and international audiences. She takes special interest in composing and writing. For Ragini, immersing herself in the poetry of ancient Sufi saints is redemptive and she wishes to make its profundity as popular as it can get.

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