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Teaching and Learning

Early childhood learning is vital for a strong and broad foundation of an individual. Early learning begins from birth until up to six to eight years of age. In early learning, studies emphasise that language and mathematics are key. Language takes precedence over mathematics in early years of child development.


Children do not start learning mathematics or concepts of mathematics through numbers. Language referring to big and small, area and space, less and more and so on is how mathematical knowledge starts in childhood. Additionally, understanding of past, present, future, this, that, pronouns etc, too, are essential in learning mathematics. And these a child begins learning in early years, at home.


And therefore, O is inclined to build not just teachers’ capacity but parents’, too. Building parents’ capacity is crucial to early childhood education.


Again, early learning of language does not begin with learning the letters of the alphabet but through listening and speaking. Sound structure of a language, too, is extremely important and key to learning, so is developing personal, social and emotional dimensions.


O’s early learning programmes are designed to develop and improve language and mathematics to form a solid foundation, which will promote future learning, proficiently.

Preschool Learning Pod

Building parents’ capacity is crucial to early childhood education.


  • Capacity building for Parents

  • Capacity building for Teachers

  • Parent/grandparent/guardian and children workshops

  • Early learning workshops for existing pre-schools and schools

  • Learning workshops for children with senior citizens/ elderly


  • Integrated learning

  • Game-based learning

  • Assessments (formative and summative) to help mentor pupils fittingly and guide parent and teacher-growth

  • Community engagement: protecting nature and environment, engaging with senior citizens, volunteer to keep surroundings tidy, help disabled and homeless etc

  • Developing adaptable and diverse learning material

  • Integrated research, analysis and solution programmes

  • Learning programmes with a focus on children’s home language

  • Equitable participation and learning opportunities

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