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My Story: Sooraj's CrafTuneLight




What is next? Like finding an answer to this customary question, it was time to give an outlet to one of the many dreams I carry around with me. And that was how, in 2019, CrafTuneLight was born. But because the idea was conceived and developed in my Book of Dreams somewhere in the annals of time the usual questions “What?” “How?” “When?” did not arise. How to get past the present course of events was all there was to worry about.


CrafTuneLight — To name the endeavour thus wasn’t much of a task either. It is a name that coincides with the adventure. All things that can be contemplated and then CRAFTed. If a product can offer more than just to triumph over the delight of the eyes and manage to excite the ears and spread some LIGHT, then the product would not merely be something to look at, but a thing that can touch hearts and minds, too. Just like the name CraTuneLight, all of my creations should well be able to touch the hearts and minds of its users, was the aspiration behind the enterprise. Further, we know that behind every creation there is a working mind and since I was reluctant to name this initiative after me, like an indiscernible ray of light, I, too, am strapped to this undertaking, through my name Sooraj.


A guardedness to not harm the environment in any manner as well as to reuse and recycle what remain as pollutants in the environment are prime and ceaseless to my approach. Following in the footsteps of the traditional cottage industries, a medium to reinvent operations, using clay, coir, glass, paper, bamboo and so on seemed plausible in metal art. The resilience associated with metals coupled with the processes metals undergo in the making yield an immense scope of durability to the products. That aside, CrafTuneLight has also become an avenue of expression for the numerous out-of-work artisans around us, who now feel hopeful, having found a new market for their crafts. Bearing in mind the urgency of the climate change crisis, CrafTuneLight is involved in the creation and sale of only sustainable artworks.


Behind the splendour of every completed piece of work hides a story of trials and errors. In the very beginning many of my pieces were returned, citing its shortcomings. The products of today underwent numerous rectification journeys to get accepted and appreciated. Even, today, I continue the journey of learning, believing firmly that The Best Is Next.


Now, three years later, I am very pleased to say that I have been able to create over 200 products in ten different categories, and make and deliver customised art pieces, too. It is humbling to recall a time in the beginning of CrafTuneLight when door-to-door sale was examined as a course of action.


The ten categories I mentioned earlier are: Wall Metal Art, Plant Metal Art, Lettering Metal Art, Table Decor Metal Art, Light Craft Metal Art, Car Decor Metal Art, Outdoor Metal Art, Wall Drawing Metal Art, Face Metal Art, Indoor Plant Metal Art.


Any new venture will be faced with the scope of its market opportunities. And like every new venture of today, I, too, took to the vast world of social media for help. However, that did not benefit my venture, at all. Since we haven’t grown to a certain stature to be able to spend money on paid advertisements, all I can do with my dream pursuit is to wait in the hope that there will soon be opportunities knocking at my door, too. And while waiting for that change I have also been knocking on the doors of interior designers, architects, social media pages and so on where opportunities to work or ideate together lie. My mantra is Best Is Always Next.

Let the rays from our crafts brighten up your soul!

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