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EnvironMental 'DYING'

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

'Dying' Sarah Mariam Koshy

My past talking points, especially, Heatwave and Sinking throw light on the present environmental crises that the world is fighting. However, my question is WHO are fighting these effects and how are these being fought? Aren't most of us fighting selfishly to merely survive and not considerately and selflessly, for the environment and for our future generation?

The percentage of those who fight for the environment and are on high alert, educating the public, is negligible. However, the number of people pretending to fight the menace are very many and is a matter of shame, and merely a thing of fashion. The fight is real, yet, even as we are mask clad facing a pandemic, and aware of all the environmental issues, we choose to continue living selfishly and leave our planet to gasp and die and with it everything in it, too.

We must act now! Now is the time. We do not have another moment to waste. If the inconveniences caused by this pandemic seem infinite and of the worst kind, facing the, brewing yet to hit, various effects of climate change will cause you to change your mind, but by then it'll all be, too, late.


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