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EnvironMental 'SINKING'

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

'Sinking' Sarah Mariam Koshy

I believe the following excerpts from some of the news organisations from the past few weeks will speak for itself :

"....deadly floods swept through western Germany and parts of Belgium last week, Hannah Cloke saw a forecast of extreme rain on a Europe-wide flood alert system to which she belongs. Researchers “were stupidly congratulating ourselves that we were forecasting something so early. … The assumption was that would be really helpful,” says the hydrologist and flood forecaster at the University of Reading. Instead, she was stunned to see scenes of devastation and death despite the ample warnings. “We should not be seeing this number of people dying in 2021 from floods. It just should not be happening.” -

"Horrifying visuals of overturned cars and people trapped in flooded subways and streets of China have inundated social media in the past three days. A video by the China Xinhua News shows commuters in neck-deep water inside a metro line at the Zhengzhou city, which has a population of over 1.2 crore citizens, as they wait for rescuers to arrive. At least 25 people, including 12 subway passengers, have been killed in the downpour so far, as China’s central Henan province witnesses its heaviest rainfall in a 1,000 years. Officials have stated that Zhengzhou recorded 617.1 mm rainfall from Saturday to Tuesday, nearly the same as the annual average rainfall in the city (640.8 mm)."

“We need to continue Germany’s path toward climate neutrality even faster,” he said. “In these difficult hours, we must overcome all party and state boundaries.”Ernst Rauch, the chief climate and geoscientist for Munich Re, a major German insurer, warned of more such catastrophes to come.“There are clear indications that part of the growing damage cannot be explained solely by socio-economic factors but is due to climate change,” he wrote in a statement posted to Twitter.“We have to assume that these damages will increase in frequency and intensity.” -

The excerpts mentioned above is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the horrors that citizens have been facing due to floods the past week. People went missing, many lost their lives, parents with their children were trapped in subways and stations with water rising up their necks, every minute. The consequences of all our past actions are coming upon us and it's coming fast. It is not just a few countries, but every single one of us on this entire planet that need to be blamed for what we are facing. It is already, too, late to reverse the harmful effects of human exploitation but there still is some hope, if we without further ado, take a step, at least now than later, for it'll then be, too, late for anything.

Today, it may seem like other regions or other countries but tomorrow it maybe yours. It's time we all come together and take a stand to SAVE OUR PLANET.


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