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EnvironMental 'Heatwave'

'Heatwave' Sarah Mariam Koshy

This drawing is based on the heatwave that struck Canada and North America this past week. The heatwave's intensity can be gathered from reports which noted a 195% increase in deaths. The heatwave also caused power cables to sear and cement pavements to crack.

India, too, is currently passing through a heatwave and it is predicted to continue for another week or more.

We're witnessing the effects of climate change, which is itself is evidence that a lot of the damage that has already been done to the environment are irreversible, and we will have to pay a huge price for it. My hope and prayer is that this situation will be viewed by our until now naysayers as a warning to act to prevent further environmental decline. Climate change and all the other environmental issues aren't simply fad-topics, which is how, unfortunately, it is being treated now, or one for environmentalists, activists, or the scientific community to panic about. The urgency of the situation has to be take into account and this indeed is a matter of life or death and one that affects every single living person on this planet, and if we don't rethink our next step, starting now, we can most definitely expect the worst for humanity and only we are to blame.


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