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Speculative Fiction 'JACK AND JILL: An Existential Problem'

Arun Somasekharan, Warping of a Strange Attractor


The box itself was made of dark wood with dimensions of 36x36x36 cm. She looked inside. It had some dense machinery along the inside rims and over the lid. At the centre resided the brain. It was a sphere, just as Jack had said it was. She was slightly disappointed, having expected something truly alien, she found herself looking at a dull, dark grey sphere about the size of a football. Although as she looked at it, she felt she was looking at something granular, a dense matter, physics anomaly.

"The stasis field keeps it in a dormant state isolating it from the sensory inputs from our Universe. We shut that off and the brain comes... online," Jack explained further, looking at her. He waited as though he needed her to signal him. She nodded nervously. He fiddled with some controls on.

"Stasis field shutting down in 3, 2 ,1...," Jack stepped back. Jill did not notice anything, but Jack was looking at the sensor feed on his cell phone.

"What's happening?"

"Increased soliton activity! Way past alpha wave frequencies now!" Adrenaline coursed through Jill's arteries and her heart fibrillated.

He suddenly looked at her. "Look, Jill... there's something I've been meaning to tell you. Probably, I've waited too long." There was something arresting in his expression, like a pain caused by conflicting emotions bottled up for far too long.

Filled with apprehensiveness and ominous foreboding, she gazed into his eyes.

"Wait, Jack. Turn it off. Turn on the stasis field. Let's..." Her voice trailed off.

The Boltzmann Brain became fully aware.

Jill thought she saw a hazy image of a giant-sized hand giving her the finger superimposed over the well on the hill and superimposed over that, like an afterimage, was a boy and a girl lifting a pail of water by the well.

And the Universe winked out.


A machine, the Grand Ordinance Discharger existed in a continuum where abstract super mathematical concepts flowed like a river. It stitched dimensions together, forming foundations for architecting reality fields. Reality wave functions passed through it like gossamer strings, which were weaved into fabrics of space-time that became a reality field. The discharger was vast and seamless, a dense formation of exotic mathematical information etched and materialised in particles that were unheard of in any reality field. It could imprint its shape into any of the ten dimensions it was capable of manipulating. A type of quantum signature that marked its creation.

The field under observation showed an abnormal malfunction as wave function collapse, metastasized across all probabilities, juxtaposing and overlaying corporeal artefacts that made the reality field extremely unstable. The discharger detected an awareness from a point within the reality field and it sensed a shape congruence similar to its own. It did the only thing it could. It nullified the seemingly infinite set of reality waves pouring into the field — functions truncated and a whole Universe disappeared. And the ordinance discharger started a fresh iteration with different initial starting points.

A deluge of photons washed over the expanding reality field as billions and billions of particles spewed forth from the collapsing wave functions at the genesis point. That was the light of a new Universe being born.

The End

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