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One Verse Every Week 'MONORHYME'

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Same end rhyme occurs in all lines. No, NOT these LINES!

The following lines from Edward Lear's To Miss Lear on her Birthday have the same end rhyme:

Dear, and very dear relation,
Time, who flies without cessation,-
Who ne'er allows procrastination,-
Who never yields to recubation
Nor ever stop for respiration,
Has brought again in round rotation
The once a yearly celebration
Of the day of thy creation,-

(To Miss Lear on her Birthday by Edward Lear)

This whole poem, of 112 lines, has the same end rhyme from start to finish, and this rhyme scheme is called monorhyme. When the same end rhyme occurs throughout a stanza or a poem, it qualifies as monorhyme.



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