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O's Verse Series: Season 1, Episode 1

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

In Conversation with Prof. C. K. Raju

O's Verse Series S01E01: In Conversation with Prof. C. K. Raju

O kickstarts the first season of Verse Series interviewing Professor C. K. Raju, a mathematician, physicist, computer scientist, writer, musician and teacher. For Professor Raju Art and Science are interconnected and his life demonstrates just that. His is one of the foremost voices pointing to the perils of academic imperialism.


Why Prof. Raju is against the idea of Vedic Mathematics?

What is not right with the Gregorian calendar?

What is wrong with the present manner in which mathematics is taught in schools in India?

Why is it important to challenge academic imperialism?

... and find answers to many more key questions from Prof. Raju.

This interview series is an effort at communicating to our viewers about the importance of art disciplines in our life and of the need to challenge academic imperialism, especially for young learners' through meaningful and effective discussions and talks.

As a token of thanks to Prof. C. K. Raju for taking the time out to speak with us from his busy schedule, we chose Sooraj's work:

Here's a bit about the artist Sooraj:

Further links from the interview:

Intro against Vedic mathematics: 

Video (talk to Army War College), Ancient India's contribution to mathematics (and its relevance to modern technology):

O was set up a year ago to build bridges. It wasn’t a matter of identifying gaps for we know they are there and that the gaps are widening and so it is a matter of addressing these gaps and committing to work towards building bridges. The discussion of decolonising the curriculums isn’t new. In the precolonial India art and science subjects weren’t disconnected. In the post colonial India they are taught to students as two disconnected disciplines. That separation is an outcome of colonisation. Decolonising academia would in that case be the marrying of art and science subjects and not in the scant inclusion of English writers including William Shakespeare in English Language Teaching. West’s limited understanding of the East and the tendency to often assume a moral and academic high-ground to the point of academic imperialism is a definite cause of concern. It is in O’s interest to overcome these barriers in learning and to evolve a level-playing field for all. And at O we emphasise on verse and we begin with young learners.



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