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EnvironMental 'WILDFIRE'

'Wildfire' Sarah Mariam Koshy
In my peaceful abode I rest tonight With my infant beside me, snuggled so tight I hear the wind whistle and feel the breeze blow The trees seem to move and dance to and fro And then from a distance the light that brings doom I see it approaching, I'm surrounded by fumes I carry my baby, I run with no aim I watch as all that's around burns in flames.

Forest fires are becoming a major concern with every passing year. In the year 2020, alone, there were 58,950 incidents of wildfire, according to the US National Interagency Fire Centre. This year, from January to May, 20,780 wild fire incidents have been reported, and the numbers are expected to rise by the end of the year.

Almost 90% of the forest fires are caused by humans due to debris burning, sparks from equipment and railroads, powerlines, smoking, fireworks, campfires, accidental ignitions and arson. Forest fires are extremely difficult to control and extinguish. When large acres of vegetation are destroyed it leaves habitats diminished and species of wildlife under threat.

Here are ways to ensure prevention of forest fires, especially, if you live near fire-prone areas:

Obey the local rules regarding open fires/camp fires
Ensure that all flammable objects are kept away from the fire
Remove any tree limbs that overhang any roof or chimney
Dispose wood ash after soaking them in water
Do not leave any burners or open fires unattended

Let's play our part and ensure that our forests and wildlife are safe!



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