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EnvironMental 'OVER THE YEARS'

'Over the Years' Sarah Mariam Koshy

Industrialisation has been a major leap towards economic prosperity but the impact it has had on our environment today is tremendous. From air, water and soil pollution to throwing the entire cycle of biodiversity off, the effects of industrial pollution seem to keep increasing with every passing year. What once used to be a home to flourishing flora and fauna has now been converted into industrial sites, which emit toxic gases, smoke and chemicals.

Industrial pollution is one of the root causes behind climate change and global warming. We engage in unending dialogues and discussions pertaining to this in order to bring about a positive change and to reduce the harm done to the environment, when almost all the products we use on a day-to-day basis are being produced by such polluting industries. The power, cement, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, sugar, paper, textile and many more such industries are all why we are on the verge of changing Mother Earth into an uninhabitable planet for us and everything else on this planet.

A small change in our lifestyle can go a long way. Before investing in any product small or large take some time to get to know and understand the product and the manufacturer and switch to environment-friendly options available to us now. Support small businesses that manufacture biodegradable and natural products. Let us not remain silent spectators and think that one person alone cannot make a difference, instead turn to this quote which goes, "Little drops of water make the mighty ocean!"

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