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EnvironMental 'FASHION: WEEK-IV'

'Fashion Week-IV' Sarah Mariam Koshy

Following a fashion event we've all familiar with how the audience walks away with plastic gift bags that contain various samples from luxury brands as a token of gratitude for the attendees. With our fashion series ending, let's talk about the final stage of the manufacturing process. Packaging. We covered a lot of issues in the previous posts about the environmental effects of different fashion related products. No matter how environmentally friendly you make your product, if it's still getting delivered in bags or boxes that are made of environmentally toxic materials, which get tossed out then are we really eliminating the hazardous effects efficiently? In our previous posts, we have also discussed the impact plastic has on our environment and how detrimental it is to Mother Earth and consequently, to humanity as well. It is worth taking that effort to switch to an environmentally friendly packaging option, in order to ensure that they are either biodegradable or reusable/recyclable. As a consumer ensure that the products you purchase are in its entirety, environmentally friendly from the product itself to its packaging. It's one decision each of us makes that collectively leads to a prominent change!


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