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EnvironMental 'FASHION: WEEK-III'

'Fashion: Week-III' Sarah Mariam Koshy

It feels good to finally walk down the street showing off a pair of limited edition sneakers or having a branded tote or backpack slung over our shoulders. We lose our minds over getting our hands on anything labelled "Limited edition" and the sight of a sale on expensive brands drives us crazy and has us flocking to stores. The feeling of soft leather and the status associated with it in the society leaves us wanting more.

From the manufacturing process all the way until after the item is disposed off, the shoes and bag industry is a major source of environmental pollution. The leather finish that makes these products appealing has numerous hazardous effects on the environment. The large machines used to manufacture these products contribute to greenhouse gases. Chemicals such as Chlorinated phenols, tribromophenol, chlorinated paraffins, dimethyl fumarate and so on that are used to preserve the materials easily leak into water bodies and soil from industrial discharge. It causes major harm to wildlife and plant life. The chemically stained materials take decades to break down and degrade.

Sadly many of the popular and luxury footwear and bag making brands play a huge role in polluting the environment and in harming flora and fauna. Let's all think about what really matters here. Do we want to risk losing our beloved planet in the name of fashion?


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