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EnvironMental 'FASHION: WEEK-I'

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Appearance, how much does it matter? The replies are going to be diverse, considering how different every individual is. Not all of us are naturists to embrace nudity, naturists only make up a negligible section of the world's population. Most of us, if not fashionable or trendy are still clothed. So we are dependent on an industry that pollutes. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. However, while polluting, it is also a big provider. It employs over 430 million people, globally. Now, here I am beginning a check on our polluting role through our fashion choices. This is Week-I of a series on Fashion, and we begin with cosmetics.

'Fashion: Week-I' Sarah Mariam Koshy

A full face of glamorous makeup for the red carpet or runway or maybe a dash of concealer and a tad bit of lipstick before rushing out the door, either way the part we play in polluting the environment is the same. Celebrities, models and influencers using and/or endorsing huge cosmetic brands or their own makeup brands at large events that stream world wide have become the norm. Most of these makeup brands are either completely made of chemicals under false labels of "natural" products; often getting away with only a hint of natural ingredients, to a myriad of chemicals.

Chemicals, all right, but how do makeup and cosmetic products affect the environment?

The chemicals in most of our cosmetic products are not biodegradable. This causes a build up of toxins in our ecosystem. These chemicals can wash up and run into our water bodies harming aquatic life. It doesn't end there. This water evaporates to form clouds and on condensation as rainwater brings back all those toxins into the soil harming the flora and fauna, too.

Yes, understandably, giving up makeup might not be seem like the best option to many of us. The good news is that there, indeed, are eco-labelled or bio-labelled products in the market, today. However, the trouble is that not all of these are honest sellers, so to play our part, we can take some time out of our busy or lazy day to research and make the best choice for us and for our planet.

Here's a list of things to choose from. This will help us save the environment glamorously!


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