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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

'Atlantic Bluefin Tuna' Sarah Mariam Koshy

This is a lament, this is a call to action, my dear-dear friends!

I am inconsolable every time I task myself with apprising all of us of yet another tragic environMental situation. The Atlantic bluefin tuna population is on a sharp decline.

The declining can be attributed to both overfishing and illegal fishing. The decline in their population is largely driven by its demand in high-end sushi markets. The loss of bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean Sea could lead to a sharp increase in the biomass of benthic pelagic cephalopods, such as squid; this in turn adversely affects sardine population. Balance is key to our survival here and our greedy actions could tip the balance against nature and consequently our own, too.

Tuna is caught using a practice called purse seine fishing, where a large net is used to encircle a school of tuna. This type of fishing gear targets tuna species like skipjack, fish that are mostly processed and canned for salads and sandwiches. This method of fishing is highly efficient catching large numbers, at once. This affects the overall population of the species, even making it difficult for the species to replenish itself through breeding.

With so much on the line for nature, governments must have a way of monitoring the fishing industry and protecting these endangered species.

Let us take a small step towards sustainable fishing and pledge to boycott bluefin tuna fishing and save marine life.


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